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27th September 2012 - Max will be performing at Illumini 2012!

​OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 27th September 6pm – 10pm 

Free entry

Illumini last free event attracted over 9,000 visitors. They're back again with more secret subterranean explorations of the city. Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten ,take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city.

To celebrate Charles Dickens' 200th Anniversary, Illumini will take you back to a Victorian London. The Victorians excelled at telling ghost stories. In an age of rapid scientific progress, the idea of a dark past and terror that is able to reach out and violate the present fascinated them. Like many Victorians, Dickens was fascinated by ghosts and death, haunted by the supernatural, fairies and telepathic encounters, occult religions and the idea of reincarnation.

Illumini Event 2012 will be held in an underground location in London. The old rustic subterranean dark labyrinth, with its many rooms, alleyways and cells will be transformed by over 50 artists, prop makers and performers, with Illuminating art, props and historical information, re-creating the secrets of a Victorian London.

30th August 2012 – Headlining at Conjuring at the Court

Headlining at Conjuring at the Court

​Max will be headlining at the Conjuring at the Court 30th August along side Marc Paul Steve Hewlett and Alan Hudson. He is looking forward to making it Eccentric and messy in keeping with the ethos of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

St Marks Festival (July 2012)

St Marks Festival

​Max performed at the St Marks Festival in July, pulling 4 young people out of the crowds, he proceeded to drain milk off a girls head and out through her elbow. A great family atmosphere and warmer temperatures made for an unusually hot and happy summers day festival here in the UK.