Magic workshops

The discipline of performing magic requires many practical and psychological skills; these can be adopted by your company to improve your business.

The general public are often unaware that Magicians operate on different levels simultaneously; naturally utilising inter-personal skills of communication. In any given performance you will find elements of memory techniques, the power of persuasion, methods of misdirection, lateral thinking and problem solving.These skills are all delivered with a cast iron confidence and a sense of humour.

Magic Workshops and Team Building is a creative and results-driven way of sharpening invaluable life skills in a practical ‘hands on' way. It builds camaraderie within companies and gets people working together.

Two Hour Workshops or Team Building Days aims to affectively teach tricks in magic that force the participant to think in a different way. This is all in the context of a relaxed atmosphere. There is also time for troubleshooting, positive criticism and input.

Magic is often practiced in front of a mirror, the best mirror being the eyes of other people. Therefore learning to adapt and take on board positive feedback from others is essential in improving. Finally we see how learning a few basic magic tricks sharpen and stimulate the life skills that can help us in many areas of business.

"Max was, a true professional! He 

had quite a task with 230 hyperactive, over excited kids chomping a 

the bit. He was brilliant and had them all transfixed. He equally 

entertained all the staff who were roaring with laughter, he’s quite the 

comedian, magician, musician all rolled in to one. We are bemused as to 

where he hides his menagerie of birds and fish!"- Katie, St. Ronan's