Corporate magic and trade shows

​It may be that you simply want to entertain your clients with magic for 20 minutes on stage or mix and mingle magic to make a convention more memorable, but maybe you want more…

Branding your product is something that can be achieved effectively through the powerful medium of magic. From branded give away decks of cards to tricks that convey straplines, Max will brand them on the minds of those in the convention or those passing by your stand. If a picture paints a thousand words, visual magic can quickly and creatively convey a strong message.

Branded give away magical items such as the ‘magic puzzle box’ see to it that after clients have gone, they will take them home and drive themselves crazy trying to solve them for days. Magic offers a simple but effective way of ensuring that your logo/strapline is profoundly embedded into the minds and homes of your clients.

Magic makes bold statements. Make your CEO appear in a Prism of smoke for his grand entrance or display a special feature of your product. Is it lighter than it’s competitors? Lets make it float, is it more spacious? Let’s produce an impossible number of people or items from within it! In this way, Corporate Magic is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.